Other interests of Manfred Warmuth

I grew up in a small German farming village and many of my interests are related to farming and food production

My goal is to empower people to grow
half of their food in their back yard
with as little effort as possible

I am into efficient modern village-scale technology for cooking, baking, fermentation and raising lifestock in the city:
pressure cookers, induction & microwave ovens, temperature controllers, electric fences, ...

Things I have dabbled with:
- grafting fruit trees
- bee keeping: I make Kenyan Top Bar hives with half wine barrels
- mead making
- finding edible plants suitable for Northern California: tree kale, opuntias, physalis, malabar spinage, ...
- collecting rain water
- growing mushrooms in outdoor cultivation: shitake, oyster, king stropharia
- fermentation: tempeh, natto, miso, amazake, onchom, krauting
- rain water collection: I have two 5000 G tanks
- grey water systems
- urine seperation
- butchering: pigs, meat rabbits, deer
- making sausage
- roasting large animals: sheep, deer, pigs
- growing spirulina









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